Backup and disaster recovery (DR)

Leveraging the power and reliability of Veeam, our managed backup and disaster recovery platform delivers enterprise data protection for your critical IT workloads. This platform is based in Melbourne on our own infrastructure and can scale to meet a range of recovery point and time objectives.

Some of the features of this service include:

  • Centralised management of all aspects of backup jobs and recovery requests
  • Full monitoring of backup operations by our team
  • Advanced compression and deduplication of saved data
  • Application-aware processing for SQL Server/Oracle/SharePoint workloads
  • High security environment housed in a high-availability datacentre
  • Consistent and accurate backup data storage
  • High performance software platform using Veeam products
  • Mix on-site and off-site backups within the same management scope
  • Restore to datacentre options


Contact us to discuss your backup and DR requirements.