Wireless network installation and upgrades

Our experience with wireless implementations enables us to thoroughly evaluate and design wireless solutions for varied environments. Our process involves an initial site survey and an analysis of existing network infrastructure and requirements. We’re able to support guest networks and leverage RADIUS where applicable, as well as deploy outdoor bridged or meshed networks to expand existing coverage zones.

Network upgrades

For any IT system, the network itself is a critical component. We can assist with the implementation of network cabling, patch panels, layer-2 and layer-3 switches with PoE support, as well as high-capacity aggregated links for applications requiring high throughput.

We also have licensed data and electrical contractors available for office fit outs or expansions.

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VoIP implementations

In the modern office, VoIP is quickly becoming the industry standard for voice communications. By consolidating voice and data on the same physical network, implementation and ongoing maintenance costs are significantly reduced. This also allows for the flexible deployment of handsets in any area of the network where data is available.

We utilise hosted voice service providers for clients ranging from 2 to 20 users and can design on-site or hybrid solutions for larger environments. To ensure a high standard of voice quality, QoS can be configured on the network to prioritise voice traffic over other data streams. Depending on customer requirements, we will often share the same business-grade internet service for voice and data, however in some instances clients will require dedicated connectivity for VoIP trunks.

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